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The largest pet industry fair ever "2022 Megazoo" will be held in KINTEX, Ilsan, in November

2022-12-26 02:24
The largest pet industry fair ever "2022 Megazoo" will be held in KINTEX, Ilsan, in November

- Kanajimo Cat Fair, K-Pet Fair, Pet Life Show, Pet Electronic Show, Pet Chef Korea, and Pet Art Show all at one place.
- "The 1st Megazoo Pet Business Summit" will be held simultaneously to develop the pet industry
- MEGAZOO, a festival where pets and people can enjoy together

The Korea's largest pet festival "2022 Megazoo," which will be newly introduced by "K-Pet Fair," will be held at KINTEX Hall 1 ~ 4 in Ilsan for three days from November 18th (Fri) to 20th (Sun), the largest ever by 600 companies and over 1300 booths.

"2022 Megazoo" consists of Korea's leading pet industry fair "K-Pet Fair," "Kanajimo Cat Fair" for cat owners only, "Pet Life Show" for healthy and happy pets, "Pet Electronic Show" for pets home appliances/electronics, "Pet Chef Korea" for a pet food contest, and "Pet Art show"showing the art collection theme of pets.

The 2022 Megazoo will also hold the "1st Megazoo Pet Business Summit" to think deeply about the pet industry and support the business of participants and diversify the pet industry. The seminar will consist of two-track sessions related to branding and marketing, analysis of the status of the pet industry and trend outlook, and will be provided free of charge only to participants and pre-applied pet industry workers at a separate conference hall.
In addition, it supports the improvement of industrial capabilities of participants in various directions, including 1:1 online export consultation with KOTRA, 1:1 business matching program with MDs of online and offline distributors and new product showcases. The new product showcase will showcase 30 new products and brands participating in the megazoo to visitors.

The 2022 Megazoo, which will be the largest exhibition of the pet industry ever, can only be entered with pets wearing necklaces and harnesses on the 2nd to 4th holes, except for the 1st hole of the Kanajimo Cat Fair. All pets except guide dogs will be restricted from entering the first hole, where the "Kanajimo Cat Fair" will be held. Information on pre-booking and participation events can also be found on the official Instagram of @kpetfair and @kanajimo_cat_fair, as well as the K-pet Fair application "ZUZUZU" and "K-pet Fair" website (

■ Event name: 2022 Megazoo
■ Period: November 18th (Fri) to November 20th (Sun), 2022 for 3 days (10:00-18:00)
■ Location: Ilsan KINTEX Exhibition Hall 1~4
■ Organized by: Korea Pet Feed Association
■ Subject: Messe Esang
■ Sponsored by: Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
■ Detailed configuration:
① K-Pet Fair
② Kanajimo Cat Fair
③ Pet Electronic Show
④ Pet Life Show
⑤ Pet Chef Korea
■ Major events: Megazoo Pet Business Summit, Online Export Consultation, 1:1 Business matching Program, New Product Showcase
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